We buy houses “AS IS ” with CASH

  We can take over payments
  We can stop foreclosures
We buy with cash and can pay all closing fees
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• Do you own a property that has become difficult to maintain?

• Did you acquire a property through the passing of a family member and you aren’t sure what to do with it?

• Are you at risk of bank or tax foreclosure?

• Do you feel like you are ready to move on to something new and eliminate this stress from your life?

You’re not alone. A lot of people get overwhelmed by the amount of work and money it takes to upkeep a property.

Fortunately, if you have found yourself in one of these situations, there are some ways that we can help.

We may be able to offer you a cash deal so that you can sell your property fast and alleviate this stress in your life.  We can do this quickly and easily with no agent fees or commissions. We are not here just to make a living but to help people open new doors!

We are in this business to help people and to find solutions that are a win-win for all parties!

Frequently asked questions from homeowners:

So what do we mean when we say  “CASH OFFER”? 

Well, basically we bring cash to closing and because we do not use traditional mortgage lenders we are able to close much, much faster.

So why should you sell your house to an investor like us instead of through a realtor or real estate agent?

Well, it’s faster and a lot less hassle to sell directly to an investor like us. In fact, we could potentially save you thousands and thousands of dollars. We will purchase your house “as is” so that you will not have to perform any home repairs that could cost you lots of time and money.  Since we can close faster you will save money with not having to pay the mortgage and utilities for many months while the house is sitting on the market and even longer while you are waiting for closing, For example, many times when someone has acquired a house though probate they are burdened with the monthly bills and selling to us can be an easy solution that puts cash in your hands without the long drawn out process with a realtor or agent. If you are experiencing foreclosure we can actually help stop the foreclosure and put cash in your pocket so that you can move on to a new opportunity while also saving your credit score. If you owe back taxes or have a lien on your property we can work with you to get those paid off as well. Even if you are not experiencing hardship you may fine value in selling your property quicker to an investor like us. There are many situations that make it more ideal for someone to sell their home to us.

But, can’t I get more money for my house if I sell through an agent?

Well, yes and no! Each property and scenario is unique. Many Real Estate Agents and Realtors are excellent at getting you top dollar for your property. However, your property should be in great condition when going this traditional route. Your home also will need to be staged and kept clean at all times so that you are ready for showings at the drop of a hat. Houses often sit on the market for many, many months before even receiving an acceptable offer. Once you receive an offer and accept it there is usually 30-45 days until closing.  It is also common for deals to fall through last minute, even days before a closing is scheduled which then means you have to start the long process all over again, having to maintain the property and pay the bills and mortgage during this time. Some people are completely ok wth this process because for their situation it works, especially if they have a home in excellent condition and are prepared for this process. If you decide to go this route we know many Real Estate Agents and Relators  that we can recommend to help you list and sell your home. But, the majority of the situations that we see it is actually more beneficial financially to sell your house quickly to an investor like us. Not only are there no closing costs, no commissions, and no extra fees when you sell to us but, we are able to close so much faster so that you can quickly close one door and open another.

How much will you offer me for my house?

We have systems in place that enable us to bring you an offer that is fair. We are purchasing your home “as is” we do take into account any necessary repair and/or rehab costs. We also consider the comps to make sure our offer is aligned with others in your neighborhood.  The first step is to reach out to us and set up a call. We will ask you some general questions about your property. If we think this you could benefit from having us purchase your property, we will ask to come see your property. Once we do a full analysis we can present to you an offer.

What will you do with my house after you purchase it?

Some of the homes we purchase will be rehabs and turned into turnkey rental properties for landlords, and others will be fixed up and put back on the market after renovation.

While we would love to personally rehab every property that we purchase we are just not able to take on every project so some of our properties that we acquire we will offer a package deal to another investor. These package deals include the full scope of work for a rehab along with the neighborhood comps and ROI breakdowns. We continue to make new connections with a network of local investors that are ethical and fair so that we can all work together to revitalize communities.

Why DM Properties?

We pride ourselves on having a strong foundation of real estate knowledge and training. Our core business lies within our systems, education, and knowledge of the real estate industry. We have invested thousands of dollars to learn how to be successful in the business in order to serve our clients the right way. Through our affiliation, we are connected to a national network of investors that provide continual support throughout our industry. This has allowed us to circumvent many pitfalls many investors make. We also will go above and beyond for our clients to make sure that their real estate needs and goals are met.

Our goal is to improve communities and lives through real estate and our team’s objective is to open doors to build up and refine the foundation that brings our communities together. Alone we are all individuals, together we are a community. Let’s connect and open up up doors together!

Do you have a property to sell? Reach out to us today!

We may be able to offer you a cash deal so that you can sell your property fast!

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We also offer plans to protect your loved ones by preparing  Will & Trust documents, identity theft protection and more.



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